The Missouri legislature recently passed bills that will allow law-abiding Missouri citizens to carry a concealed weapon anywhere it is permitted to legally open carry. Essentially that will eliminate the need for a permit to carry inside the boundaries of the state, however if you wish to avail yourself of the reciprocity that some other states offer you will need to get a Missouri Concealed Carry permit. With that in mind, I will no longer conduct open classes. I will conduct classes for groups of 7 or more who wish to get their concealed carry permit. That would be clubs or organizations, teachers, businesses etc. Please call Mike at 660.620.6453 for additional information or to schedule your class. 

My course exceeds the Missouri requirements for obtaining a permit issued by the sheriff of your county of residence. You will need BOTH a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol and 20 rounds of ammunition for each weapon to practice, then you will qualify with the weapon of your choice with an additional 20 rounds for that weapon. While you may not apply for your CCW permit until you turn 19, you may take the course at 18, and the certificate of training does not expire unless the training requirements change.

Price for this class is $75 with your own weapons and ammunition. I will have weapons available to rent for $20 and includes both guns and all the required ammo. Many people find that price very attractive because in addition to the expense and sometimes difficulty involved in finding your own ammo, you won't have to clean any guns. 







In order to take this class you will need:

  • Current state issued ID. The name that we print on your training certificate must match the name on your ID that you present to the Sheriff to get your permit or it may not be aqccepted.
  • A semi-automatic pistol and a revolver. You will shoot 20 practice rounds from each weapon, then qualify with another 20 rounds with the weapon of your choice.
  • Ear & eye protection (I will have a limited number available)
  • Ball cap
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather (the range may be muddy, so bring an outdoor pair of range boots/shoes plus an indoor pair of shoes as the classroom will be a hardwood floor.)